Prialpas Rubber Tiles

Jaymart are delighted to introduce a new range of outstanding rubber floorings manufactured by Prialpas, one of the world’s leading rubber processing and development companies.
Rubber flooring is already one of the world’s most popular hard-surface flooring types for a wide variety of situations, but this range of both rolls and tiles, benefiting from all Prialpas' 50 years of experience in the processing and treatment of rubber, is set to take it to a new level.
Each product in Jaymart’s new Prialpas rubber flooring range is environmentally friendly, high performance, incredibly inexpensive both to install and maintain, and comes in a variety of colours and finishes that interior designers have previously only been able to dream of.
So, whatever your requirements, with Jaymart’s new range of Prialpas rubber floorings you really can now have it all!

Resistance is critical
With any flooring choice, safety has to be the single most important consideration, but Prialpas rubber floorings have been developed with high traffic areas in mind, where safety is simply critical.
Jaymart’s range of Prialpas rubber floorings are incredibly durable, offering: slip-resistance, electrical-resistance, chemical-resistance, abrasionresistance, fire-resistance, and cigarette burnresistance; and for any area with intense levels of either pedestrian or rolling traffic, where noise reduction and comfort are absolute necessities, you can be quietly confident that Jaymart's Prialpas rubber floorings are the sound choice.

Now, that is comforting
Whatever your budget, their incredible accuracy and consistency of manufacture means that Prialpas rubber floorings are extremely inexpensive to purchase, easy and economical to install, and extraordinarily low maintenance.
So, if you’re looking for the sort of inexpensive, high performance, safe, low maintenance rubber flooring with fabulous walking comfort you simply didn’t believe existed, with Jaymart's Prialpas you’ll feel like you’re walking on air!