Sarina Rubber Tiles

BEAUTY - Jaymart's Sarina range of rubber flooring comes in a wide variety of styles, textures, surfaces and colours
ECONOMY - The wear-resistance and resilience of our rubber floorings, combined with ease of installation, mean they are both low maintenance and highly economical
COMFORT - The Sarina range of rubber floorings provide a noticeably high level of walking comfort
PEACE - Measurably quieter than the vast majority of flooring types, Sarina rubber floorings improve the whole nature of an interior environment
SAFETY FLAME-RETARDANT - Improved safety as tested against internationally recognised standards
BURN RESISTANT - No more unsightly cigarette burns in the surface of the floor covering, no smouldering, and no harmful gas emissions
ANTI-STATIC - Minimised electrostatic generation and no perceptible static discharging
CHEMICAL-RESISTANT - Jaymart’s Sarina rubber flooring remains undamaged by brief exposure to dilute acids or alkalis
SLIP-RESISTANT - Improved slip-resistance means fewer accidents